Coolsculpting FAQ

What Is Coolsculpting, And How Can This Freeze My Fat Off?

Simply put, fat does not like the cold. Coolsculpting treatments target, freeze and destroy fat cells for good. If you are one of the millions of people who struggle with stubborn fat, then Coolsculpting can help you.

Does Coolsculpting Involve Surgery?

Absolutely not. Coolsculpting treatments are done in our comfortable and spacious facility.

Is There Downtime After Coolsculpting?

No downtime is another reason Cooslsculpting is so great. After treatments, you are able to return to work and to normal activities.

Are Results From Coolsculpting Permanent?

Yes. Coolsculpting kills fat cells in the treated area(s) by 20%-25% each time. Secondary or additional treatments continue to reduce fat by 20%-25% each time.

What Happens To The Treated Fat?

Just like any other dead cell in your body, the destroyed fat cells are processed out naturally through digestion, metabolization, and lymphatic drainage system. You will not notice any change in your body while these fat cells are eliminated.

What Does A Coolsculpting Treatment Feel Like?

It feels like a freezing ice pack has been applied to your skin. It may initially provide a stinging sensation but after a few minutes, the area becomes numb and you feel nothing. When the treatment applicator is removed, the treated area is massaged for two minutes to help the area return to normal temperature and unfrozen state.

Is Coolsculpting Painful?

Most people state no pain during the procedure. Others may feel temporary, mild discomfort.

How Many Coolsculpting Treatments Will I Need?

The typical candidate for Coolsculpting may need one or two treatments. In order to best assess you and your goals, please schedule a free consultation with us so we can determine exactly what it will take to get the results you are looking for. We are upfront in our pricing, honest in our assessments and work to provide the best discounts and promotions for our clients.

Can I Get A Treatment Same Day?

Yes, we often have same-day availability for appointments.

I’m Not Rich, Can I Afford Coolsculpting?

Because this is a non-invasive procedure performed in the office rather than in a hospital or surgery center, costs can be lower than other invasive methods of treating unwanted fat. In addition, we have various financing options, including 0% interest options. Please schedule a free consult with us to determine the best course of action for your treatments to be as affordable as possible.

Are There Any Side Effects of Coolsculpting?

Typically there are no side effects from treatment, however, some may feel tingling or numbness in the treated area and may become slightly flushed post-treatment for a period of up to one hour. That’s it!

What Happens If I Gain Weight Or Get Pregnant After Coolsculpting?

If you were to gain weight post-treatment, your weight gain will not appear as obvious as your treated body now has fewer fat cells in the treated area(s).

I Have A Lump From Previous Liposuction, Can Coolsculpting Help Me?

Yes, Coolsculpting is the ideal treatment to smooth out irregularities from a liposuction or other surgical procedure that may leave abnormal fat pockets. Coolsculpting can correct these areas permanently.

Is It Possible To Get Lumpy Results With Coolsculpting?

When performed by an experienced technician of Keys Med Spa at Dr. Peterson’s, the Coolsculpting procedure should leave a smooth & “seamless” finished result. Should any irregularities form, that too can be treated with Coolsculpting as well.

What Are The Risks For Coolsculpting?

Typical risks are numbness to the treated area and mild soreness. All side effects are transient and will completely resolve with time.

How Was Coolsculpting Discovered?

Harvard scientists learned that children who would hold popsicles in their mouths would have dimples from reduced fat in the inside of their cheeks. This lead to the discovery that fat cells are sensitive to cold temperatures.

Why Does Coolsculpting Work When Diet And Exercise Do Not?

Chances are, you have some “problem areas”, these problem areas contain more fat cells than the adjacent areas, and you may NOT need to lose any weight. This is the exact reason Coolsculpting is such a great solution. Now you can finally target those problem areas without having to go though strenuous diet and exercise. When adults gain wight (excluding obesity) the fat cells are simply getting bigger. When you lose weight, these very fat cells just get smaller. Thus, the fat gained is NEVER lost. This is why Coolsculpting is such a great option. Once treated, that number of fat cells begin reducing. With repeated treatments, the fat bulge can be eliminated to a minimal or nearly completely gone state. Once destroyed, the body’s natural processes remove the fat from targeted treatment areas.

Is Coolsculpting Safe?

No damage is done to the skin, organs, or any other tissue. Coolsculpting is the ONLY treatment for destroying fat by freezing it. It is FDA cleared and tested for over 10 years for safety and efficacy.

Can Any Area Of The Body Be Treated?

Coolsculpting has been designed to treat nearly every part of the body such as the abdomen, arms, love handles, bra bulges, inner and outer thighs, and even the chin. Treatment can be received during your lunch break and will not take you away from your daily routine.

How Long Does Coolsculpting Take?

A treatment takes 35 minutes to 1 hour per area depending on which applicator is chosen. We have two Coolsculpting machines, so we are able to treat two different areas at the same time speeding up the process so you can get on with your day.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Coolsculpting?

Generally healthy individuals who are 20-30 pounds to their goal weight looking to treat areas of stubborn fat. Those above 30 pounds may still receive Coolsculpting, however, more treatments may be needed to achieve a peak result. Those who are closer to 50 pounds overweight would be advised to try a weight loss program first and return to our office at a future date for treatment of the stubborn fat.

What Happens To The Skin Post Coolsculpting?

Naturally, the skin will also reduce in size post-Coolsculpting. Thus, loose skin is generally NOT an issue after successive treatments. For treatment of the chin area, Coolsculpting has been FDA approved to tighten the skin, as long as there is sufficient fat cells in the area.

Medical Considerations And Restrictions For Coolsculpting

If you have a hernia mesh, you are not a candidate to treat areas of the abdomen with suction applicators. Our CoolSmooth applicator may be used in such cases for the right candidate. Alternate areas may still be treated safely. Those taking blood thinners are advised against treatment with Coolsculpting.

Is Coolsculpting An Alternative To Liposuction?

Liposuction is a very effective method of fat reduction because fat is physically removed from the body. It is an invasive procedure, however, which typically involves the loss of blood, requires anesthesia, surgical incisions which will result in scars, and several months of recovery time. As an alternative to liposuction, Coolsculpting does not have any of these drawbacks and has had zero long-term adverse events in millions of cases treated, which is why patients find that Coolsculpting is the “practical” choice.