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About Coolsculpting

With more than 6 million treatments worldwide, Coolsculpting is the world’s #1 non-invasive solution to permanently remove stubborn fat. How cool is that!

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How it works

Coolsculpting works by targeting and freezing stubborn fat. The procedure delivers controlled cooling and crystallizes (freezes) the stubborn fat without affecting the skin. The treated fat cells then die in 1 to 3 days, and over time, the dead cells are naturally eliminated by the body, never to return

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Why It’s Safe

At Keys Med Spa, Coolsculpting treatments are performed under the supervision of Dr. George Peterson, and only by certified Coolsculpting specialists who have undergone in-depth training to ensure your safety and the highest standard of care.

Coolsculpting systems deliver controlled cooling safely and effectively while leaving your skin unaffected. They are designed with built-in safety measures such as sensors that automatically shut off if they detect abnormally cold skin temperatures.

There is no surgery, no anesthesia, no cutting, and little to no downtime, meaning you can carry on with your day after your procedure.

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We have two Coolsculpting machines so we can “dual sculpt” you, reducing treatment time so you can go on with your day, or bring a friend and Coolsculpt side by side. Your time is valuable and we care.

I had the best experience at Keys Med Spa. Donna and Daniela’s expertise made me feel relaxed, confident, and extremely comfortable throughout the whole procedure.  So many reasons to choose Coolsculpting…easy, comfortable, painless and non-invasive. These ladies make it easy to be the best version of me!  I’m ecstatic with my results..:) – Adonay